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“It’s The Least I Can Do” Mr. Nakamura’s Hospitality Spirit Working at 7-Eleven: Interview

  Sakuya Okada, Karin Ishida      Many AGU students must have visited the 7-Eleven convenience store in Bldg. 1 on Aoyama Campus. It sells a large variety of products from food to commodity, and is always crowded especially during the lunch time. Out of the brilliant staff members at the checkout counters, Mr. Nakamura in the picture is admired by many students for his tender hospitality. According to a quick survey conducted by EIZY on Instagram, 45 (77%) of the respondents said they at least recognise his face, and 18 (31%) said they even like and support him. Mr. Nakamura generously accepted EIZY’s request for an interview. On the day of the interview, two EIZY reporters visited the store and asked myriad questions, to which Mr. Nakamura responded with magnetic answers. The interview began with questions regarding Mr. Nakamura’s working habits. Mr. Nakamura at 7-Eleven 101      —How often do you work at 7-Eleven and what is your routined schedule? I work four days a week, mostly on

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